Tim McGuine finishes study

Hello at the WATA!

I want to let you know that we have finished our study titled: “The Impact of Athletic Trainers on the Incidence and Management of Concussions in High School Athletes”.  This two year study was funded by the NATA-REF and has been reviewed and accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Athletic Training.

This study details how an increased level of athletic trainer availability in high schools make it more likely that a SRC is promptly identified and managed (see attached summary).

This is especially relevant to the WATA since all of the data were collected prospectively by high school  LATs on 2400+ athletes attending a diverse sample of 31 schools from across WI.

Moving forward….

  1. The UW is starting to put together a press release highlighting the study findings. If you agree, I will also ask that they include a quote from the WATA leadership in the release.

  2. I’m happy to present this research at the 2019 WATA meeting and symposium.  I think it can be paired with a recognition and or management of concussion talk and we could create a pretty good 1-2 hour EBP for attendees.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Timothy A. McGuine  PhD ATC

Dept. of Orhtopedics and Rehabiliation

University of Wisocnsin School of Medicine and Public Health