Student Senate


The Board of Directors (BoD) charges this committee to represent the needs of the Wisconsin Athletic Trainers’ Association (WATA) student members by identifying, promoting, and coordinating educational activities for the student membership of the WATA.  The committee also supports the efforts of all WATA Committees.


Faculty Advisers:
Holly Schmies and Rob Sipes
Purpose: To represent the needs of the WATA Student members and support the efforts of all WATA Committees. The coordinator of this committee must be a certified member. Additional members consist of certified members, GLATA Student Senators, and one student advisory member from each CAATE program in Wisconsin. The coordinator of this committee will sit on the Continuing Education Committee and this committee will also provide representatives/liaisons to the Governmental Affairs and Public Relations Committees. These representatives can be certified members and/or student members. 
Reports to: President-Elect


President: Samantha Atkielski
Vice President: Rhianna Wieness
Secretary: Cassie Klubertanz


WATA Committee Student Senate Members

Research Committee: Marissa Baumhardt
Secondary School and Youth Committee: Rachel O'Donnell
Communication Committee: Carla Ikert
Awards and Scholarship Committee: Ryan Maurer
Young Professionals Committee: Madalyn Krenz
Leadership Development Committee: Abraham Vargas
Continuing Education Committee: Jarret Byrnes

Committee Members

Faculty Advisors: Rhonda Verdegan
Meeting Coordinators: 
Rachel O'Donnell, Carla Ikert and Jarret Byrnes
Quizbowl and AT Olympics Coordinators: Bianca Mendez and Abraham Vargas
Textbook Raffle Coordinator: Melissa Florine
GLATA Student Senate Representative: Bianca Mendez


Student Senate School Representatives

Advisors: Beth Kinslow and Rhonda Verdegan
Alison Kramer(UW Oshkosh)
Frank Esposito (Carthage University)
Cassie Klubertanz (UW Steven's Point)
Bridget Graff (Marquette University)
Rhianna Wienss (Concordia University)
Zach Williamson  (UW Eau Claire)
Alex Wendler(UW La Crosse)
Samantah Atkielski (UW Milwaukee)
Aaron Clifton(UW Madison)
Rebecca Everhart (Carroll University)
GLATA SS: Aaron Bestul