Janet K. Helwig


Janet Helwig earned her Bachelor’s Degree (Music, 1973, Physical Education, 1975) and her Master’s Degree (Physical Education – Sports Medicine, 1977) from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She began her career as an assistant athletic trainer at Yale University at a time when there were very few women in the field. In 1978 she became the first certified female staff athletic trainer at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and continued there until 2005. She also served as an instructor in the Department of Kinesiology teaching classes within the athletic training curriculum. She served as a member of the host medical staff for the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, NY and volunteered for multiple Olympic Sports Festivals and Olympic Training Center events. She also served as Co-Medical Director for the first Badger State Games, organized the Tasha E. Bolton Memorial Scholarship, and served as the Chair of the Big Ten Athletic Training Scholarship Committee.

It became evident to Jan that developing experience taking care of athletes and working with physicians and male colleagues was going to create a path of success. Jan’s goals were simple, but true to today’s mission: to provide good medical care to athletes. The experience she gained provided Jan with the tools necessary to provide her athletes with the best level of medical care. Jan took great pride in being able to work with a wide variety of athletes, both male and female, and high and low profile sports. She thoroughly enjoyed the people she met along the way, particularly those who shared their knowledge and encouragement. Jan’s career covered three decades of wonderful experiences with friends and colleagues. Jan was truly a pioneer for women in the field of athletic training throughout her career and paved the way for many young women entering the athletic training profession.

Jan’s base of support throughout her career has been her husband Dennis and son Chris. Without them her success would not have been possible. She will be forever grateful to them for her career opportunities and encouragement.

Inducted April 27, 2007