The Wisconsin Athletic Trainers Association is pleased to offer a variety of programs and resources targeted to our athletic training students. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of their membership by participating in as many WATA sponsored events as possible. The writing contest, quiz bowl, and student programs at the annual meeting are just the beginning. The WATA also sponsors a range of scholarships for deserving undergraduate and graduate students. Leadership development, professional socialization, networking, learning, and good fun are highlights of participating in the WATA.

The Student Senate

The Student Senate is responsible for identifying, promoting, and coordinating educational activities for the student membership of the WATA. Contact your Committee Coordinators if you have questions. 


Become a Student Member of WATA Today!

All new student members: If you are already a member of NATA you are therefore a member of the district and state association that is associated with the address you entered at If you have paid NATA dues, you do not need to pay the $5.00 WATA dues. If you are not an NATA member, but want to become a "Non-NATA Member" of WATA to apply for scholarships then you will have to pay the $5.00.

Whatever address the you shared with the NATA is the address that determines your District and state association you are then a member of.  So if you are attending a school in a  state that is in a different district than your home address, you would have to use the school address if that is the district you want to be a part of. IE- you must be a WATA member to be eligible to apply for scholarships. 

For example: If your home address is in Pennsylvania but you are a student at a UW institution you would have to go into and change your personal profile information to determine which address and district you want to be a part of (most likely your school address so you can be part of GLATA and therefore, a member of WATA).  Students as well as certified members need to be diligent with their address if that is the case.  You can change this information in your NATA member profile.

Student that fill out this form that are not an NATA member will be assigned a member number. If you are a NATA member your username and WATA number is your same NATA member number for log in purposes. If you are not an NATA member you will receive an assigned member number from Jenny Thorpe ([email protected]). Please contact her if you have not received a member number shortly after you filled out the form here

Become a New Student member

Please send a membership fee of $5 to the address below (Make checks payable to WATA):

WATA Membership Dues
Wisconsin Association Management
c/o WATA
11801 W Silver Spring Dr #200
Milwaukee, WI 53225