Hall of Fame

The highest honor a member of the Wisconsin Athletic Trainers' Association (WATA) can receive is induction into the WATA Hall of Fame. The WATA invites eligible and deserving candidates to make application for this most prestigious honor and be recognized for their contributions to the field of athletic training. Any worthy individual, regardless of race, creed, color, sex or physical disability, based on their contributions not only to the WATA, but to the profession of athletic training can be nominated by any WATA member. The candidates that are nominated will be reviewed for final approval by the Awards Committee and the Board of Directors of the WATA.

(From left to right) Hall of Fame Inductees -
Joseph Greene, MS, ATC, Joseph La Mere, MS, LAT, PES 

Honorary Member - Jeremy Metzler, MD

Inductees will be honored at the WATA Awards Banquet, as part of the WATA Annual Meeting and Symposium.

A plaque about 8" x 11" with the inductee's photograph and outline of his/her career inscribed shall be placed at the WATA Hall of Fame. The inductee will also receive an identical plaque. The WATA Hall of Fame is located at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, 1725 State Street, La Crosse, WI 54601.

The WATA need not award this honor every year.


  • Fifteen years of active membership in the WATA (unless there is a special directive from the WATA Board of Directors).

  • BOC Certified Athletic Trainer (unless there is a special directive from the WATA Board of Directors).

  • Outstanding contributions to the WATA and/or the profession of athletic training at the local, state, regional and/or national level.


Complete and submit the Hall of Fame Nomination FormYou will need to include a letter of nomination detailing the nominee's qualifications for this award, as well as a copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae. In addition, two separate letters of recommendation must also be submitted.

Please click here for the Hall of Fame Nomination Form.  Please contact Anna at [email protected] for more information.